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  • high-quality horse management

  • gentle education according to the training scale

  • varied training

  • plenty of exercise and field time

  • holistic horse management (including blacksmith, vet, feeding etc.)

  • participation in national und international shows


Tailored concepts

A long-term and trusting cooperation is our top priority. We have made it our mission to gently train talented young horses, especially centring dressage work.


Besides dressage and jumping training, the neighbouring "Radesforder Forst" offers plenty of opportunities for balancing activities, from interval and endurance training on varying slopes to relaxing hacks.

By offering a diversified training we want to ensure every horse is able to reach their individual potential.


Our goals are clearly defined

  • scouting young horses and introducing them to the sport via youngster classes

  • the Bundeschampionat (Warendorf) as a first key milestone

  • the Youngster Tour for 6 to 8-year-old horses

  • experience and success in national and international showjumping classes

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